Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services

Improving ICT performance, effectiveness, and service delivery through the application of industry leading technology and solutions.

In an ever-changing ICT landscape, trust Netlink’s Enterprise Services team to ensure your ICT infrastructure is kept aligned with your current business strategy.

Netlink offer strategic Enterprise Services that are designed to improve, grow, and innovate all communication and technology processes. Using best practise design and effective project management, Netlink ensure your ICT goals are achieved.

Netlink’s Enterprise Services include a complete solution for all ICT requirements that incorporates design, planning, execution, testing and handover. Our services are project managed by a team of highly skilled ICT professionals who have the experience to transform the connectivity and productivity of your business.

Optimisation and Design

Netlink aim to ensure all business ICT requirements are achieved.

Prior to developing a complete solution, Netlink will undertake comprehensive consultancy and analysis in accordance with our design methodology, which includes reviewing a clients’ current architecture, design of their ICT systems, and their working environment. We will then utilise our partnerships with industry leading vendors to ensure all solutions are validated prior to delivery.

Netlink will work with your business to finalise the project’s scope, cost and resources that align with your business case, and implement a solution to suit the needs of all users within the organisation.

Enterprise Networks

Netlink’s Enterprise Network service is aimed at supporting your organisation’s objectives by providing connectivity among users, devices, and applications.

As businesses continue to adopt a move towards a distributed workforce, existing networks need to evolve to support these challenges.

Netlink design and delivers effective solutions that can accommodate today’s agile businesses. Add to this the adoption of Cloud and Mobile requirements, and your business network infrastructure will be effectively transformed.

Cloud Migration

Cloud technologies are at the centre of digital transformation strategies for organisations.

Netlink will establish secure, safe, and accessible cloud systems for your organisation. We will design and build solutions that integrate your established ICT systems with ever-evolving cloud technologies. Plus, to ensure a clear transition, Netlink will develop effective migration plans that minimise business disruption.

Data Centre

Netlink recognise the need to protect and secure your organisation’s assets.

While public cloud services support a speedy digital transformation through its scalability, agility, and easy consumption model; your workloads may have additional compliance requirements, performance needs, or additional protection for business continuity.

Netlink provide a modern, hybrid cloud architecture using dedicated and secure data centre facilities to ensure you maintain compliance, performance, and extract maximum value out of existing hardware investments.

Unified Communication

Unified communications simplify the world of work, bringing together messaging, voice and video calling, team collaboration, and file sharing.

Netlink provides solutions to meet your business needs using a variety of best of breed vendors. These solutions provide consistency and better productivity, enabling employees to communicate and collaborate instantly from any location and on any device.

Project Management

Manage the collection and transfer of data that occurs over wireless networks with no human intervention to ensure your business stays one step ahead.

Netlink IoT Management services are designed to help our clients predict, respond to and adapt to the changing needs of their business.

Netlink offer full authenticating, configuring, maintaining, monitoring and diagnosing service of all connected devices operating as part of an IoT environment; and identify risks to ensure complete device security.

Enterprise Solutions

Netlink’s Enterprise Services team provides the expertise to define, refine, and deliver Enterprise ICT solutions that meet your business needs. We offer a seamless, solution-based approach that allows you to improve business processes, increase productivity, and sharpen your competitive edge.

From initial consultation and planning, through to design and implementation, Netlink will work closely with your business to deliver on your ICT project requirements, both large and small. Using best of breed vendors and validated designs across networks, cloud, data centre and communications, our experienced team of engineers and project managers ensure effective outcomes.

Project Delivery

Effective project management is essential to delivering a successful outcome for any ICT modification.

Netlink maintain highly qualified, industry experienced Project Managers who utilise best practice methodologies to provide effective controls for any ICT project, large or small. We ensure your ICT project is run on time, within budget, and delivered to the right quality.

Netlink will tailor a project to suit client’s needs, either providing our own resources or utilising theirs, and consistently bring a high level of expertise and competency to all projects we manage.

The Enterprise Network Services offered by Netlink can scale from small to large deployments and include the following: