Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Safeguarding against cyber-attacks with multiple-layered, systematic and unified threat management systems.

Cybercrimes can result in catastrophic consequences for businesses, which is why cyber security is vital within any organisation. Netlink recognises that cyber security can only be successful if it has multiple layers of protection spread across all computers, networks, programs, and data within the organisation. We are able to offer our clients an evolving set of tools and technologies in order to provide essential security and protection against cyber threats.

Security Assessment & Audits

Undertaking regular cyber security assessments and audits to identify and understand weaknesses and implement modifications.

Cyber threats are ever-changing, and simple, regular reassessments are critical to ensure your controls are working effectively.

Netlink offers a regular auditing service and will provide clients with a comprehensive audit that identifies risk and offers solutions.

Security Awareness Services

Reducing the risk of human error with comprehensive and up-to-date security awareness training.

Even with the most robust security perimeters in place, attacks can occur if users within the organisation are not competent with processes and procedures.
To avoid human error, Netlink offer clients a security awareness training services that aims to empower their staff in cyber security processes.

Threat Detection & Response

Accelerating threat detection and response to identify and avoid potential losses.
Netlink offer our clients a niche skill set with regard to cyber forensics, threat intelligence, and incident management.

Utilising a robust and integrated architecture and automated process, we help clients strengthen their ability to detect and manage security incidents. We assess security detection and analytics requirements, suggest recommendations and enhancements, and then plan, design and implement the relevant toolset to assure a positive cybersecurity position.

Identity & Access Management (Enterprise)

Implementing secure identity and access management to enable automated user access to enterprise networks and data.

Identity and access management is a critical part of any enterprise security plan in today’s digitally enabled economy; and it is vital for an organisation to have the ability to control user access to critical information.

Netlink offer multifaceted technologies to define and manage the roles and access privileges of individual network users, including password-management tools, provisioning software, security-policy enforcement applications, reporting and monitoring apps, and identity repositories.

Security Architecture

Ensuring security via a combination of architectural elements.

Netlink recommend to clients a security architecture that comprises the specifications, processes, and standard operating procedures involved in preventing, mitigating, and investigating different threats.

Our security architecture is an inclusive design of elements that includes firewalls, antivirus/antimalware programs, threat intelligence platforms, and other security tools and applications that protect a company’s network.

Cyber Security

Protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your information. Netlink can offer comprehensive cyber security systems that focus on protecting networks, applications, information and operations of their organisation; as well as a streamlined disaster recovery and business continuity program which can be immediately implemented in the event of a cyber breach. Our skilled technicians are certified and follow all best practise procedures.

Device Security Management

Cyber protection for all devices in all environments.

The modern workplace is unrecognisable to the workers of the past as more people are working from home or remotely, and unfortunately this brings a new set of risks with regard to cyber security.

Netlink provides protection of computer systems and networks, mobile phones, laptops and tablets from information disclosure, theft of, or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data. We will oversee the proper deployment, configuration, and functioning of security systems such as firewalls, data protection controls, patching, encryption and vulnerability scanning on all your organisation’s technologies.